My name is Judy Copeland and this is my blog about finding and having faith in the ordinary things of life. I am the pastor of the First Congregational Church of Hancock, New Hampshire, a congregation of the United Church of Christ.

I was an avid reader of the Foxfire Books as a teenager in suburban Boston, but it took me another forty years before I actually landed in a rural community. We live pretty close to God’s creation in Hancock. I wake up to a view of Mount Monadnock and I begin most mornings with a walk in an apple orchard. There are plenty of trails to explore with my dog Lily, as well as good places to kayak. Like many of my neighbors, I have a garden which I obsess about for a good part of the year.

Other miscellany likely to inform what I blog about:

  • I am a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, juried in glass.
  • I first thought about becoming a minister while working at the Corrymeela Community in Northern Ireland. Celtic fiddles and Ulster accents are still spiritual fast-tracks for me.
  • I had good teachers at Dartmouth  College and the Harvard Divinity School and great ones in the four churches I  have served.
  • I am silly, crazy proud of my two children. Abby, my social justice-minded daughter and crusader against racism teaches 4th grade in the South Bronx and Nat, my spatially gifted son and lover of wood is about to start a program in preservation carpentry in Boston.

One response to “About

  1. Hi Judy- A friend just contacted me thinking she’d heard my blog mentioned by Krista Tippett, but in fact it was yours! Glad to find your site and will enjoy reading now. I write, also in NH, from the position of a kind of unorthodox pastor’s (now bishop’s) wife…Maybe we can meet or talk sometime.

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